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    Governance Value #4 - volunteer

  • welcome to The work

    only super-efforts count


    This project is run entirely by volunteers (we currently have no paid staff).


    If you would like to help the cause by contributing your time and skills you can apply to collaborate with us locally.


    Volunteers will be working with and communicating directly with our Boston team. Level of participation and commitment is for each of our volunteers to decide what they are able to do.

    Potential applicants will be evaluated according to skill, motivation, and cultural alignment. To give your application the best chance of being selected, make sure to follow the instructions carefully, and completely.

    legal and business partner

    We currently have one position open for volunteering.

    We are seeking a strategic legal and business partner with a unique perspective and desire for mastering oneself and lifting humanity's consciousness on a global scale through the power of brand, technology, and company.

    Citizen's Cafe is set to re-establish the meaning of what it means to be a company. We travel back to the roots of the word to experience the truth and beauty of breaking bread together.

    • A company with the power and technology to uplift the consciousness of humanity should never be in consideration to the highest bidder and mechanical influence. 
    • A company with the power and technology to uplift the consciousness of humanity should always be in consideration to the creator and conscious influence. 

    This understanding is paramount, sacrosanct, and thus, is the reason why we currently have one open position at this time. To ensure this trust and establish the foundation for a true company of the new age to be born, we seek a professional with the utmost desire to be part of THE WORK of Citizen's Cafe.

    This is not by any means required, however, ideally, the business partner we are seeking will be well versed in the principles of the Fourth Way system and the teachings of G.

    Conscious influence

    Super-efforts open the door to conscious influence.

    We are seeking a true professional. Please follow the application instructions below if this is you.

  • apply local


    We are currently accepting applications for local volunteers with the following skill sets:

    • LEGAL AND BUSINESS PARTNER - You must be a professional with deep expertise in corporate law. You must be able to think outside the box and have a desire to evolve the status quo. You must be able to adapt your own belief systems based on new data. You will be responsible for many things. You will be an architect of the company. You must be someone with the resources to create something new in the world and then care for it for a long time thereafter. You will work directly with the creator of the company on all matters.

    application details

    Applicants must be able to meet with the team in the local Boston area. There are no minimum number of hours per week we seek our volunteers to commit to - however, we expect to be working extremely closely together with our Legal and Business Partner for the foreseeable future.



    To apply, send an email to empower@citizenscafe.com with the following information:

    • Include the words: “Apply Local” in the email subject.
    • Provide your name and age.
    • State your desired Role and list relevant skill sets and/or experience.
    • Explain why you want to volunteer in 500 words or less.
    • Describe your availability: How soon will you be ready to volunteer? What are the dates and times you have other commitments to attend to? What days/times are you generally available? (if this information is unknown to you currently, please indicate that in the email and do not hesitate to apply)
    • Contact information: email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile (if you have one). Tell us what the best way to reach you is.